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About Me and My Company

Since 1998 I have been helping my friends and family with their computer repair needs, software installation, hardware upgrade, and more. I appreciate my friends and family through who I get many referrals which keeps me busy all the time for good. I had thought about taking this opportunity one step further and turn this hobby into a business, but only the experience wasn't enough, so I thought I should go back to school and get my certifications, which is almost completed. Two years of IT/IS school is almost over, but few more years of hard work and a lot of home works, studying, and practicing is still on the way. I haven't had any difficulties with fixing computers, cleaning spywares or viruses, backing up and restoration, but IT school taught me even further and now I can proudly call myself a pro. Website designing wasn't my thing at all, but after taking the first class, I enjoyed it a lot and then took other web design classes and finally advanced web design classes mostly with "A"s but couple of "B"s as well!. So far I built few websites for myself and some businesses, and I can say for sure that I am very good at it if not the best. I also beleive in 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

In this age of technology and the internet, the importance of having an efficient, user friendly, and visually appealing website for your business, product, or service is unimaginable. From the big-name pros, to local shops, to artists, musicians, and writers, everyone needs a website to stand out and to be recognized. Let me know if you would like ot stand out and get recognized on the web.


“Turan is a genius, he fixed my computer over the Internet like a magic, unbelievable... ”
D Adams, Client
“My computer was slow as s***, thanks to NetWebComputer, now my computer is as fast as my f******** Corvette...”
S T , Client
“Looks like a designer website, I love it, check it out...”
K L , Client
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